Leaders Of MetroAlliance

We believe that Scripture is clear that every follower of Jesus Christ is a minister of God's grace and has important work to do. The job of our leaders is to support and equip others so they can effectively do the good work that God has prepared in advance for them to do. These leaders include our pastoral staff, governing board, ministry team leaders, and support staff.




Juri Ammari

Raised internationally, Juri Ammari has a knack for navigating cultures and places without changing who he is.  He has lived, worked, & served the church in urban America for over 20 years.  Christ has given Juri a reckless faith to believe God will do the impossible.  He challenges himself and others that God’s initiative motivates people to know Christ. He insists that he & other believers need to know God’s Word, pray, & act.  In that vein of faith, & at the invitation of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Juri & his wife Karen moved from Illinois to build a team to plant a church in urban Cleveland in 2000. Now his work is to plant metroChurch in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood while contributing to multiply leaders and faith communities all over urban Cleveland and serving West Side Alliance Church as an associate pastor. If you need to connect with Juri, feel free to email him via juri@metroalliance.net.


Seth Bisheimer

Seth was born in and grew up in Akron, OH and serves the Lord as a senior pastor of the West Side Alliance Church community. A graduate of Nyack College, Seth's degree in intercultural studies has prepared him to serve in one of the most diverse neighborhoods of Ohio. Seth and his wife Sara moved to Cleveland in March of 2013 to be a part of expanding God's kingdom on the west side. They have 5 beautiful kids: Jaidyn, Karys, Judah, Selah, and Willow.  He enjoys playing guitar, soccer, coffee, and all things Cleveland sports. If you need to connect with Seth, feel free to email him via seth@metroalliance.net.

Pastor Siyum

Siyum  Gebretsadik

Siyum serves in the Christian and Missionary Alliance locally, nationally, & internationally. Locally, he pastors Ebenezer Church, an Ahmaric speaking congregation that meets in the West Side Alliance building at 3800 Bridge Avenue 44113 on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 6 PM. Nationally he serves as the President of the Alliance Association of African Churches in the North America. 



The Governing Board helps to provide spiritual oversight to the church family in its various locations and supports, protects, and advises pastoral staff and ministry teams. The board is comprised of spiritually mature men (elders, deacons) and women (deaconesses), always maintaining an elder majority.


Our current Governing Board includes:

Juri Ammari

Seth Bisheimer

Anthony Briggs

Jean Dunbar

Aaron Ruffin

Ivonne Rivera Stevens

Jeff Stredney

Carrie Stredney   

Tom Csora

Nate Dobson




While encouraging each follower of Jesus Christ to pursue gift-based ministry in their homes, neighborhoods, and places of work, we do have ministry teams that serve together in specific areas of focus. Each ministry team is overseen by one or more spiritually mature members of MetroAlliance Church. Check out our Ministries page to learn more about each area and for contact info.



God has richly blessed MetroAlliance with a team of part-time and volunteer staff that help to make the ministry of MetroAlliance possible.



Deb Britton - Administrative Support




Paula Barker - Business Manager and Bookkeeper



Megan Ruffin - Social Marketing Administrator (megan@metroalliance.net)




Jenny Westfall - West Side Alliance Site Administrator (jenny@metroalliance.net)